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CTRLPhreaks » Captivate Podcasts » Harvesting Harmony: John Deere’s IT & Audit Jamboree

Harvesting Harmony: John Deere’s IT & Audit Jamboree

In this episode, Lynn, Roberto, & Matt from John Deere discuss their digital transformation journey and its impact on IT and Internal Audit. They highlight the importance of agility in internal audit and how it helped prioritize work and enhance relationships with stakeholders. The team also shares the challenges they faced during the transformation and the strategies they used to overcome them. Additionally, they discuss the concept of defining deployable and its role in bridging the gap between technology and audit. The conversation explores the partnership between audit and other departments, the importance of metrics and measuring outcomes, applying software engineering principles to audit, and advice for implementing Agile in audit.


  • Digital transformation requires agility in internal audit to prioritize work and enhance stakeholder relationships.
  • Challenges during the transformation can be overcome through continuous improvement and a focus on cultural change.
  • Defining deployable is crucial in bridging the gap between technology and audit.
  • Psychological safety and modeling behaviors are vital to creating a culture of trust and innovation. 
  • Partnerships between audit and other departments are crucial for automation and improving audit processes.
  • Metrics should focus on measuring outcomes rather than just activities.
  • Applying software engineering principles to audits can improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • When implementing Agile in audit, start small, adapt, build relationships, and disrupt with precision.