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Bill Bensing

Governance Engineering

Explore the Horizons of Governance Engineering with Bill, the founder of a movement that intertwines the strategic compliance of the GRC domain with the innovative prowess of software engineering. Bill doesn’t merely navigate the complexities of governance; he architects innovative pathways, ensuring governance is compliant, technologically advanced, and strategically integrated.

Living by the motto, “I Build Things That Build Things,” Bill doesn’t just create; he empowers creation, ensuring that the governance structures built are not just robust but are also self-evolving, promising a future where governance is not a challenge but a strategic facilitator of organizational objectives.

As a co-author of the groundbreaking book “Investments Unlimited,” Bill doesn’t just share knowledge; he catalyzes transformative thought. Echoing through its pages, akin to the influential narratives of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, “Investments Unlimited” doesn’t just explore but radically rethinks how organizations, even within highly regulated industries, can navigate through the audit, compliance, and security of their software systems. Introducing innovative concepts, tools, and ideas, it reimagines governance, ensuring it is not just a regulatory requirement but a humane, strategic asset, enabling high-velocity software delivery that is inherently secure.

Bill is not just a speaker, author, and thought leader; he is a catalyst for global change in how technology is applied to solve governance, risk, and compliance challenges across both private and public sectors, spanning all systems from standard line of business applications to complex cyber-physical systems. His voice doesn’t just echo through conference halls but resonates through the global GRC domain, inspiring organizations to reimagine and reconstruct their governance structures.

Having led software teams and technology organizations across various industries and company sizes, from manufacturing to consumer goods and consulting, Bill doesn’t just teach; he transforms, ensuring that the technological solutions adopted are compliant, strategic, agile, and future-proof.

Specializing in distilling complex technical solutions into manageable, tactile chunks of knowledge, Bill doesn’t just simplify; he empowers, ensuring that organizations are knowledgeable and capable of navigating through the intricate web of GRC with strategic, technological adeptness.

Join Bill in architecting the future of governance engineering, where governance structures are compliant, strategic, technologically advanced, and inherently capable of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of global risks and compliance requirements

Investments Unlimited


A Novel about DevOps, Security, Audit Compliance, and Thriving in the Digital Age

In the vein of the bestselling The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, Investments Unlimited radically rethinks how organizations can handle the audit, compliance, and security of their software systems—even in highly regulated industries. By introducing concepts, tools, and ideas to reimagine governance, Investments Unlimited catalyzes a more humane way to enable high-velocity software delivery that is inherently more secure.

About The Book

Investments Unlimited, Inc. has accomplished what many other firms in their industry have failed to do: they have successfully navigated the transition from legacy ways of working to the digital frontier. With the help of DevOps practices, Investments Unlimited delivers value to its customers with speed and agility. But now, all that work is about to fall apart. Sure, DevOps helped the company adapt, but it also failed them.

While features moved through the organization swiftly, their governance process became inundated with friction, frustration, and failure. And now, their inability to deliver what they promise has led regulators to slap them with an MRIA (matter requiring immediate attention), the final warning before cease-and-desist letters and fire sales.

With the future of Investments Unlimited on the line, a cross-functional team of executives and engineers has just months to develop a modern governance process that satisfies regulators but doesn’t slow down the company’s ability to compete in the market. It is up to this ragtag team to navigate trials, tribulations, site failures, and supply chain attacks, all on their path to save the company from disaster.

In the vein of the bestselling The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn ProjectInvestments Unlimited radically rethinks how organizations can handle the audit, compliance, and security of their software systems—even in highly regulated industries. By introducing concepts, tools, and ideas to reimagine governance, Investments Unlimited catalyzes a more humane way to enable high-velocity software delivery that is inherently more secure.

What Others Are Saying

“This book does an amazing job of explaining how good DevOps practices can help ensure that your software if safe, secure, and auditable. I learned a lot from it, which I can’t say often after reading DevOps books over the last ten years. This is a must-read for any CISO or executive looking to improve the security and compliance practices in their organization.”

Ross Clanton

Chief Architect & Managing Director, American Airlines

“Investments Unlimited builds upon years of DevSecOps literature while firmly anchoring the principles into regulated entities like financial services. The technology fable will keep you engaged with relatable stories and conversations, and practical knowledge for you to implement at your own firm and inside your team.”

Dr. Branden R. Williams

VP IAM Strategy, Ping Identity

“Finally we have a book that can be leveraged by everyone in your organization involved in meeting security, audit, and compliance requirements. You’ll be able to apply this practical guidance immediately, and I really appreciate the inclusion of all of the functions and roles required to be successful. It’s a great reminder that we are all in this together!”

Courtney Kissler

CTO, Zulily

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