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Patching The Divide Between Tech & Audit

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Your Hotline to Frictionless Audits

SummarySounil Yu, author of Cyber Defense Matrix, discusses the importance of terminology in cybersecurity and the distinction between safety and security. He explains how the Cyber Defense Matrix helps organize and identify gaps in security capabilities. He also introduces the concept of the D.I.E. Triad (distributed, immutable, ephemeral) and how it can reduce the impact… Read...
Summary In this episode, Mike Leuzinger and Andy Kolenko discuss policy as code from a technology and audit perspective. Policy as code extends infrastructure as code, allowing organizations to automate and manage policies across multiple technology stacks. It can enable continuous compliance, self-service for auditors, and more robust controls through automation. However, challenges include dealing… Read...
In this episode, Lynn, Roberto, & Matt from John Deere discuss their digital transformation journey and its impact on IT and Internal Audit. They highlight the importance of agility in internal audit and how it helped prioritize work and enhance relationships with stakeholders. The team also shares the challenges they faced during the transformation and… Read...
In this episode, Clarissa & Bill promise to open up new avenues of thought! Agile, Lean, and DevOps – you’ve probably heard these terms thrown around in software development circles. But what if we told you these methodologies are not confined to the digital realm? Join us as we shatter this age-old myth with our… Read...
In this conversation, Bill and Clarissa discuss the importance of effective conversations with “Agile Conversations” co-author Jeffrey Frederick. Overall, the episode emphasizes the power of conversations in reducing unnecessary pain and improving collaboration in various domains. They explore the concept of Taylorism and its impact on management philosophies, highlighting the need for a more human-centered… Read...
Clarrissa, Bill, and Robert Kelly discuss implementing automated governance systems in highly regulated organizations in this conversation. They explore the challenges of working with internal auditors and the importance of bringing auditors to the table early in the process. They emphasize the need for a culture shift and a change in mindset to ensure that… Read...

We’re Not Just About Controls

We’re About Taking Control

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Why CTRLPhreaks?

Tune in, and let’s phreaking change the world of audits together

Dial into a frequency where the meticulous world of auditing and the rebellious spirit of hacking collide!

Meet Clarissa and Bill, your audacious hosts, navigating you through the labyrinth of traditional auditing and into a realm where controls aren’t just checkboxes but catalysts for change.

Steer away from the monotonous audit routines and venture into a world where compliance and managing risk is not a battle but a collaborative journey toward organizational excellence.

Clarissa, author of “Beyond Agile Auditing,” and Bill, one mind behind “Investments Unlimited,” unite to decode the enigma of bridging the chasm between the historically rigid auditing world and the dynamic technology universe.

Control Phreaks is not just a podcast; it’s a movement! A call to all auditors and technologists to break free from the chains of conventional audit practices and to boldly step into a future where controls empower, not encumber.

The New Tech & Audit Journey

Explore tales of transformation from long, friction-laden audit cycles to streamlined, cooperative processes.

Dive into dialogues with mavens who’ve dared to defy the audit norms, hacking their way to harmony between risk management and technological advancement.

Unearth strategies that don’t just break but rewrite the rules, ensuring audits are not roadblocks but roadmaps to organizational triumph.

Who Should Tune In?

Auditors who crave a jolt of innovation in their practices.

Technologists who navigate the regulated seas who seek to comprehend the why behind audit operations.

Curious Minds exploring the confluence of tech and audit, aspiring to dissolve the age-old divide.

Connect, Converse, Conquer

Let’s create a world where audits are not feared but welcomed, controls are not hurdles but helpers, and technologists and auditors co-create a secure, compliant, and, above all, synergistic future!

Whether you’re an auditor seeking innovation or a technologist desiring understanding, Control Phreaks is your hotline to a world where audit and tech harmoniously coexist.

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